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100 gamers line up to beat Dotcom, one succeeds

Kim Dotcom recently announced his partnership with the New Zealand gaming/tech show, DigitalNationz, which would see him face off against 100 celebrities and competition winning gamers, donating $100 to charity each time he beat one of them, but offering big prizes to the first eight people that beat him. 99 …

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Kim Dotcom to battle 100 CoD players for charity

Internet entrepreneur Kim Dotcom has pledged to take on 100 Call of Duty gamers in 1v1 matches at the upcoming Digital Nationz gaming expo, in the Vector Arena in Auckland, as part of a charity drive. For every one player Dotcom beats, he will donate $100 to charity. While this …

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This pulled Ouya ad is… different

While the little Android console Ouya, isn’t exactly kicking up a storm of interest in itself, the developers are certainly branching out with their advertising, targeting Ren and Stimpy fans with a vomit and gore filled, cartoon advert for itself. There’s also more than a minor swing taken at more …

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More info released about Modern Warfare 3

This week there has been a lot of information released from various publications on the upcoming hot first person shooter: Call Of Duty Modern Warfare 3. GameHunters had some time to get a hands on with the Spec Ops Survival mode. MW3 gets a new progressive ranking system, online matchmaking …

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Man spends over 200,000 years playing Black Ops

OK, we cheated a little, it’s Man with a capital ‘M’ and it includes all of them. Everyone of them. As a species. Including the females. Confused? KitGuru explains!   Data released by software publisher shows that humanity has now spent more than 600,000,000 hours playing BlackOps online since its …

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Activision rake in $381 million profit – Q1

Top brass at Activision are going to be cracking out the champagne as their Q1 profit reports are higher than expected. Their profit was a staggering $381 million USD which is even more impressive when you consider that the current economic climate has other high profile companies actually reporting losses. …

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