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AMD readies Zen-based ‘Summit Ridge’ microprocessors

Advanced Micro Devices is working on a new family of microprocessors code-named “Summit Ridge”. The new chips will be based on the new high-performance micro-architecture known as “Zen” and will be made using 14nm fabrication process. At present not a lot of information is known about the new family of …

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AMD: We have bright future in 2016 and ahead

Advanced Micro Devices may not have a clear product roadmap for 2015, when it essentially will continue selling current-generation products and will not increase performance of its chips significantly. Nonetheless, the company pins many hopes on its 2016 lineup when it will have a number of new products that are …

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AMD: ‘Bulldozer’ was not a game-changer, but next-gen ‘Zen’ will be

Advanced Micro Devices on Wednesday confirmed that it is developing an all-new high-performance x86 micro-architecture code-named “Zen”. Rory Read, chief executive officer of Advanced Micro Devices, admitted that the current-generation “Bulldozer” micro-architectures could not improve AMD’s positions on the market of central processing units, so, at present AMD pins hopes on …

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