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Water cooling in a super computer called Trinity

Los Alamos Strategic Computing Center

I’m sure your gaming PC is astonishingly powerful and some of you probably have some pretty incredible custom built water cooling solutions, but they don’t stand a chance next to the water cooling system currently being installed at the Los Alamos’ Strategic Computing Center for the new Trinity supercomputer. Previous supercomputers at the …

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Cray land £120 million contract: shares rise 10 percent

Cray, the famous American supercomputer organisation have landed a $188 million (£120) contract with the University of Illinois to provide a supercomputer for the ‘Blue Waters’ project – only 3 months after IBM pulled out. This news is a much needed injection for the company who achieved a 10 percent …

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Cray enter GPU supercomputing sector with XK6

Cray, one of the most well known names in the supercomputing industry have decided to move into the GPU sector with the release of the XK6 machine, a successor to the XE6 AMD Opteron based machine which was announced a year ago. Cray say that the XK6 machines will be …

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