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Pirate Party proves most popular in Icelandic polls

The Pirate Party may not have huge success in every country it operates, but the Icelandic branch is making great strides. Although the next parliamentary election isn't set to take place until 2017, the Pirate Party is currently polling with 38 per cent of the vote, putting it more than …

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Pirate Party storms to success in Icelandic polls

It looks like the Pirate Party may be set to take more than a few seats in the Icelandic parliament when the next general election rolls around, as it has surged to the head of the most recent polls in the country, securing some 34.2 per cent of all voter …

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Dotcom’s Internet Mana party concludes tour, denies effigy burning

Megaupload and Mega founder, Kim Dotcom, has been touring New Zealand in recent weeks alongside representatives of his sponsored Internet Mana Party, to help spread the word about the company's stance on copyright reform, personal privacy, internet developments and a number of other political points. However, he's had to conclude …

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Pirate Parties are gunning for European parliament

With the European elections less than two weeks away, many political parties around the country and the continent have been ramping up the rhetoric and sending out their adverts in an attempt to sway voters. This is pretty standard fare, but what isn't, are the numbers of Pirate Parties looking …

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