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Indie’s impress at EGX 2014

If you’ve read my earlier quick coverage of the AAA offerings at EGX 2014, you’ll know I wasn’t impressed by the idea of standing around all day. That wouldn’t make for much in the way of interesting content for you guys and it certainly wouldn’t have made for a fun …

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What’s on at Multiplay i52?

Multiplay iSeries events aren’t the world’s biggest exhibitions – they are still built around the LAN itself afterall – but they’re getting bigger every year, which means its ever harder to decide what to showcase as part of our “what’s on at Multiplay series.” We’ve covered iSeries events before, which …

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Nintendo not holding conference at E3

Nintendo has announced that it has no plans to run a press conference this year at the E3 expo, despite it being one of the biggest public outings for gaming firms this year. This is counter to the usual trend of a Tuesday showing off of new Nintendo hardware and …

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