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Update: Samsung to recall all Note 7s, halt sales


Update: Following on from the rumour that Samsung would be replacing certain damaged Galaxy Note 7 devices after reports of battery fires, the Korean electronics giant will now recall all sold devices and will halt sales moving forward. Replacement handsets will be issued to affected customers. Samsung has said that it may take …

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An EE power bar caught fire and burned a student

Recently, EE has been running a promotion in which it has been handing out free portable chargers/power bars to eligible customers. Unfortunately, one caught fire this week and ended up  giving a student some pretty bad burns. The incident happened when the EE power bar was charging up overnight. The student’s …

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Apple will continue to repair MacBooks with GPU fault


It seems that some MacBooks that were sold between February of 2011, until December of 2013 started to develop some pretty severe graphical issues when they were used. Back in 2014 a class action lawsuit was even brought against Apple, as it knew that the laptops were defective and failed to properly compensate customers. …

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Apple admits iPhone 5 battery fault

Apple has confirmed that a “small percentage” of iPhone 5 models suffer from a battery fault that causes accelerated power drain. Free battery replacements are being offered at Apple stores, affected models can be identified by the serial number. Apple won’t replace your iPhone 5 battery if the handset has a cracked …

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Software update threatens Knight Capital’s survival

With Windows 8 on the verge of release, ‘software disasters’ are foremost on KitGuru’s mind. News has surfaced in the US of A that shows the perils of automating mission-critical tasks. As 1,500 people at Knight Capital wonder if they will have a job next week, KitGuru checks its piggy …

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