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Sapphire release first APU ‘Fusion’ motherboard

Sapphire have just announced their first mainboard based on the new Accelerated Processing Unit (APU) architecture, from Sapphire. They have been working closely with AMD to produce this board, which is called the ‘Pure White Fusion E350M1W’. This is a mini ITX mainboard which features the E350 Zacate APU from …

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Gigabyte to showcase first AMD Fusion Mini ITX MB @ CES

Gigabyte will be showcasing their new GA-E350N-USB3 Mini ITX motherboard at CES. This features upcoming AMD Fusion Technology. The motherboard features Direct X 11 support, Superspeed USB 3.0, SATA 6 Gbps as well as HDMI out and a host of Gigabyte features such as Ultra Durable 3 Classic, 3 x …

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AMD Fusion discussion with Bob Grim

We’re surrounded by integrated graphics.   From Blackberries to iPhones, from netbooks to iPads. KitGuru spends more hours in a day using integrated graphics than discrete cards. As users, we represent the elite. The top 5% of users – with serious knowledge, skills and access to as much technology as we …

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Handy Job for Pepper Pot (More Llano Exposure)

KitGuru’s earlier shot of the full blooded, desktop Fusion processor got a lot of folks salivating and a few of them spitting bile. For your delight and delictation, we flip it over and shoot it next to something hard and spicy. Phwoah. Life is busy already. With the launch of …

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Exclusive ‘Llano’ AMD Fusion processor picture

For years, AMD’s been telling us that the future is Fusion. At Computex 2010 it finally ran a full speed demo live on stage in front of the world’s press. On 26th July, AMD briefed the press again, with Fusion marketing guru John Taylor taking the lead. Now the threat …

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Strong Sony movement toward AMD?

Sony Centre ready for AMD

Funny thing about technology journalism. No one talks about a topic and it’s not in the public domain. You then do a story and suddenly you’re inundated with new information. That happened over the weekend, during our server move (yes, we know, KitGuru works overtime, Saturdays, Sundays and during the …

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AMD showcase first Fusion demo @ Computex

AMD’s first APU products will be available in the first half of 2011. Codenamed Ontario and Llano they are set to shake up the market. Accelerated Processing Units combine CPU and GPU into a single die processor and are created with 3d video and HD support as the primary focus. …

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