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PornHub releases ‘premium’ Christmas advert

In a wonderful parody of the typically sickly sweet Christmas adverts that populate TV and web-videos at this time of year, PornHub has released its own. While it does poke fun at the way these sorts of adverts are usually handled though, it is also trying to sell you a …

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Winner of KitGuru’s PC World Gift Card Competition

We’re always pleased to get shots from the winners of KitGuru’s various competitions – but they don’t often have the warmth and lustre we’re posting here today. Our winner lives all the way up in Norwich. Oooh ah. Not our biggest prize ever, but certainly welcomed by Nelia Freitas and …

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Facebook now offering confusing gift cards


While no one can question that social networking has become a huge business, with a lot of money behind it, one of the toughest challenge for the sites’ owners is monetising them. Facebook is now trying a new method, with its own gift cards. However they don’t function quite like …

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HMV accepting gift vouchers once again

If you tore up your HMV gift vouchers in disgust since the announcement that it would no longer be accepting them due to its administration, you’re about to get more annoyed, as they’ve just been reinstated by administrator Deloitte. When it was initially announced that vouchers could no longer be …

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