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5Gbps broadband is landing in the UK- for a price

The UK isn’t exactly known for its blazing fast internet speeds, with average household broadband speeds sitting at 10.7Mbps. However, one company is planning on blowing the UK away with its own 5Gbps broadband service, though it will cost you quite a bit to get it. Right now, the 5Gbps …

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Thecus N2310 2-bay NAS Review

Today we are going to look at one of the latest products in Thecus’ range of NAS servers – the N2310.  This comes in at the bottom of their range, designed for home and small business users on a budget.  We are interested to see where they have compromised on …

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Anyone remember T1? Adobe helps us remember

No, it has nothing to do with Arnie and the search for John Conner. Back in the day, T1 lines were the stuff of legend, with so much bandwidth that you’d be running an enterprise and a half on the throughput. But how does it stack up today? KitGuru downloads …

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Buffalo nudges £19 barrier for N-class router

We’re not in the habit of flagging special offers on KitGuru. There are specialist places for this … they’re called shops. But UK reseller Dabs just pinged us with an offer that made KitGuru almost choke on the Saturday morning cornflakes. Have things really moved this far? (Move to black …

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