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Halo and Destiny composer wins lawsuit against Bungie

Last year it was revealed that Marty O’Donnell, the soundtrack composer for the Halo series and later on, Destiny at Bungie, had filed a lawsuit against the studio. Now, after some time going through the legal process, Marty has won his case, receiving a fairly substantial payout. In addition to …

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The Halo Needler is now a real dart gun


There are many iconic guns in the Halo series, but perhaps one of the strangest was the Covenants Needler (or Type-33 Guided Munitions Launcher as you may know it). It fired piercing needles that embedded into a target and then after a second or so each dart exploded with predictably bad …

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343 Industries delays latest Halo update

Last week 343 Industries announced that it would be beta testing its latest update to the Master Chief Collection, aiming to fix up the matchmaking once and for all. Unfortunately, the update has been delayed and the beta may no longer happen as more work is apparently needed. The Halo …

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Halo to take over the centre of London

Halo takes over the BFI IMAX

In preparation for the Halo Master Chief Collection going on sale tomorrow for Xbox One, the Halo team will be having a launch party tonight in London’s BFI IMAX to celebrate. It’s going to be big and it’s going to be loud, but with a pedigree like the Halo franchise, you’d expect …

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Microsoft managed to sell 2.4 million Xbox consoles during Q3

Microsoft has finally released some Xbox One sales figures, showing that the company managed to ship 2.4 million Xbox consoles to retailers during the third quarter of this year, which ended on the 30th of September. The company’s statement appeared to suggest that it had sold 2.4 million to consumers …

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Fictional spacecraft comparison chart is now complete

If you’ve ever wondered which was bigger, a Gloriana-Class chapter flagship from Warhammer 40,000, or the Galactic Empire’s Assertor-Class star dreadnought, or how the Decepticon Nemesis Flagship stands up to the Wayland-Yutani orbital refinery from Alien, then now’s your chance, as the world’s most comprehensive size comparison chart of fictional …

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Microsoft shutting down Xbox Entertainment Studios

Microsoft’s original programming plans have been cut short as it has been revealed that Xbox Entertainment Studios will be shutting down as part of the mass job cuts taking place at the company. The studio was in charge of the upcoming live action Halo projects and the Atari E.T landfill documentary. …

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