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Kim Dotcom claims he’s been under unlawful surveillance

MegaUpload founder and perpetual courtroom denizen, Kim Dotcom, still finds himself battling with unknown forces. This time he's claiming that a camera placed in a hotel room opposite his apartment was pointed directly at him. Although official claims are that it was filming the nearby harbour, it has since been …

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Lizard Squad member pleads guilty to 23 charges

One of Lizard Squad's members, a 17 year old teen from Canada, has appeared in court and pleaded guilty to 23 charges relating to online abuse. He was charged with counts of extortion, criminal harassment and public mischief. Since the boy is only 17, he can't be named publicly but …

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Twitter to lock troll accounts in new crack down

The micro-social networking site, Twitter, has often been criticised for its lack of oversight when it comes to trolls and abusive message senders on its service. However that may soon change, as it's now begun implementing a new system which will see repeat abusers locked out of their accounts. The …

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A Bungie executive was ‘swatted’ last night

An unnamed but confirmed ‘high-up' Bungie executive woke up to a sheriff's police helicopter swarming his home last night after a faked 911 call lead the police to believe that the studio employee had planted explosives in a yard and taken a family hostage, demanding $20,000 for their release. According …

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NYPD suffers huge Twitter PR failure

The New York Police Department has been found guilty of a huge misjudgement when it comes to how social media works in the 21st century. What seemed like a great idea at the time, has spiralled into an object lesson in ‘Never publicly ask a question unless you already know …

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