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ICO puts gaming firms on notice over spam messages


The UK's Information Commissioner Office (ICO) has sent out notices to some 400 online gaming companies, demanding that they explain how they use customer data and what method they use for sending out marketing messages. It believes that too many gaming firms are effectively spamming their user bases, as well …

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Daesh leak sees 22,000 foreign recruits profiled

The details of more than 22,000 international recruits of terrorist group Daesh, have been revealed as part of a leak by a disgruntled former member of the organisation's internal security team. Of the total, four were said to come from the USA, while 16 Britons were found as part of …

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Barclays data reveal could have been inside job

Barclays bank and its customers had a nasty shock yesterday, when it was revealed that the information of people that use the bank, was being sold on black markets and used for all manner of criminal activity, from fraud, to blackmail and other scams. While the bank has a looming …

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Will AMD announce record chip sales for Q4 2013?

With its Q4 Earning Call scheduled for 10:30pm tomorrow night, there is a lot of speculation about what AMD might be announcing in terms of revenue, profit and outlook. KitGuru puts its ear to the ground and listens for the strongest rumblings. In the run up to an earnings call, …

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