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Facebook’s Internet.org doesn’t sound very secure

Facebook is opening up its free Internet.org platform to developers, allowing them to create services to be delivered through the social network's curated and stripped down version of the internet. However, the platform is set to face yet another round of heavy criticism, as it seemingly neglects user security and …

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Facebook expands Internet.org to all developers amid concerns

Although the Facebook backed project, Internet.org, was initially slated as a method for those in under-developed technological areas to access ‘the internet,' it drew a lot of criticism for limiting those people's access to certain websites. This prompted many people to suggest that Facebook was hampering the push for net …

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Facebook’s Internet.org branded corrupt, elitist

Mark Zuckberg, much like the social network he founded, has always been a relatively hypocritical figure. Where once he called privacy dead, he later went on to buy the houses around his own, simply so no one could see into his garden. In a similar instance, now he's being called …

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