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Runescape to auction off banned account inventories


Although players banned from most games usually see their time invested simply wasted as their character and assets are locked away forever, Jagex, the developer of Runescape has another idea. It’s going to anonymously auction off the account bank balances and item inventories, giving people a chance to unlock everything …

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Runescape is getting its own Cookie Clicker-type game

For many gamers, Runescape was a once-upon-a-time game they played, back when they were young and childless, back when they had the time for MMOs but before they could afford subscription charges. Looking to tap into that five-minutes-a-day gaming that has helped lure in people to titles like Cookie Clicker …

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Chronicle: Runescape Legends is a CCG from Jagex

If there’s one genre that’s shown an impressive and somewhat surprising amount of growth in the past year, it’s collectible card games. Along with board games, Magic: The Gathering and its card based kin have in the past been relegated to the bowls of true nerd-dom, far more so than other …

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