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Kodak made $12 million this quarter


Considering how long it's been since most of us picked up a camera with film in it, you might be surprised to know that Kodak is still alive and kicking. In fact it's doing rather well. In its latest quarter earnings report, it made a profit of $12 million (£9.67 million). …

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Would you buy a Kodak smartphone aimed at photo fans?


When it comes to smartphone manufacturing, Kodak isn't a name that is likely to pop into your head, but perhaps it should. The long-time photo company has launched a new flagship device in partnership with niche smartphone maker Bullitt, called the Ektra. Aimed at budding smartphone photographers, it features a …

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Kodak is going to lend its name to a line of smartphones

Kodak has announced that it is going to license its name out to a range of mobile devices that will come with new functionality to make it easier to share and print images. The company's first smartphone attempt will be revealed at CES later this month. This smartphone will be …

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Kodak prints its last photo

Almost 12 months ago, KitGuru looked around the market and took stock of the various problems that everyone was facing. At the time, we ran a series of stories on the businesses that we felt were most in trouble. Today, we're hearing that following its Chapter 11 filing earlier this …

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Kodak strikes Apple a court room blow

Kodak Kick

Kodak filed for bankruptcy in January of this year and has been trying to sell some patents in order to pay off creditors. Apple wasn't keen on that, since it claimed to own a fair few of the patents Kodak was shopping around. However, this week a Judge sided with …

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Can Kodak survive 2012?

Troll through any of the major online cameras, modelling and photography sites, and you will see a very clear trend. Many skilled photographers will now include one or more shots in their portfolio that look like they were taken in the 1970s, using a Kodak Instamatic camera. Having pioneered the …

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