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Dyson could power your next phone’s battery

Better battery life is something that the world is striving for at the moment. Whether it's in the manufacturing of smartphones and wearables, electric cars or the ever just out of reach armoured exo-skeletons or our Iron Man inspired dreams. Fortunately then there's a technology just around the corner that …

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Samsung investigates battery exploding in man’s pants

A man in South Korea has been taken to hospital with second degree burns, after his Samsung Note battery exploded. KitGuru fires up a Napster playlist that includes Donna Summer's ‘Hot Stuff' and takes a closer look at the phenomenon of overheating and exploding items in the trouser region. Anyone …

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BMW gets in electric bed with Toyota

Walking along the streets of Belfast, you are constantly reminded that this is where Back To The Future's super electric DeLorean car was assembled. While no one is expecting time travel any time soon, we're definitely moving into a world of electric dreams. BMW had dreams of its own, which …

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