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Sapphire Technology teases NFC brand

Sapphire Technology on Wednesday uploaded a teaser video to its account on YouTube, teasing, possibly, new graphics cards featuring mysterious NFC technology. Like with many viral videos, Sapphire’s video does not explain what exactly it advertises. “Passion is hard,” says the voice in the video. “Sometimes it hurts. People tell …

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Web-site compares performance of next-gen GPUs from AMD and Nvidia

A web-site has published alleged benchmark results of next-generation graphics cards from Advanced Micro Devices and Nvidia Corp., such as code-named “Bermuda XT”, “Fiji XT” as well as GM200. Without a lot of surprises, the new single-chip graphics solutions from AMD and Nvidia will offer a noticeable performance improvement compared …

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GlobalFoundries may seriously expand GPU manufacturing for AMD

GlobalFoundries may significantly expand production of graphics processing units for Advanced Micro Devices next year, according to a new market rumour. If the unofficial information is correct, then GlobalFoundries will produce at least two high-end AMD Radeon graphics chips in 2015. At present GlobalFoundries produces the bulk of high-performance accelerated processing units …

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AMD will explore graphics IP licensing opportunities going forward

In a bid to boost its revenue streams, Advanced Micro Devices could start licensing its graphics processing technologies to third parties, just like ARM Holdings, Imagination Technologies, Nvidia Corp. and Vivante. But will that business make sense to AMD? AMD and Nvidia Corp. are the last two remaining developers of discrete …

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AMD to increase energy efficiency of APUs by 25 times by 2020

Advanced Micro Devices on Thursday unveiled a rather bold strategy called 25X20 under which it intends to dramatically increase energy efficiency of its accelerated processing units by the year 2020. In the next six years AMD plans to further optimize power consumption of its chips and also increase their performance, …

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