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UK tech retailers suffering from a series of DDOS attacks

Over the last 24 hours it would seem that several prominent UK tech retailers have been targeted by DDOS attacks, which may also turn out to be linked to a group demanding large Bitcoin ransoms. Affected sites include Overclockers UK, Novatech, SCAN and Aria. All of these websites have been …

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Hackers behind Sony Pictures attack release list of stolen files

Earlier this week it was revealed that Sony Pictures Entertainment had its internal network hijacked by a group known as GOP. The hack left a message on employee computers, demanding that its undisclosed requests be met, otherwise it would leak top secret information. Following this, several Sony controlled Twitter accounts …

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New Android malware is holding phones to ransom

Researchers have uncovered new Android based malware that holds smartphones for ransom, claiming that you must pay $300 or face completely false criminal charges for viewing illegal porn. In order to really freak people out, Android-Trojan.Koler.A uses Geo location data to tailor warnings to whichever country the user is based in. …

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