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ASUS Black Friday deals spotted in the wild

Given how well ASUS did in the recent KitGuru Reader Awards and also in the EHA Community Awards, they could be forgiven for sitting back with a smug grin. However, a quick look around at various Black Friday deals online show ASUS jumping into the holiday season with both feet, …

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Overclockers UK is offering 5% off of full systems

Update (07/11/17): Good news folks, Overclockers UK has decided to extend this 5% off offer until the 1st of December! Everything found in the original story below still applies, including the discount code. You just have more time to take advantage now. Original Story (26/10/17): If you’re in the market …

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Toshiba confirms it’s splitting off chip business

Toshiba has confirmed earlier rumours that it would spin off its chip manufacturing business into its own entity. The move will see it seek outside investment to the tune of a 20 per cent stake in the newly independent venture. It’s hoped this will help offset major losses in its …

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Yahoo to be renamed Altaba after Verizon purchase


It looks like the recently announced hacks of Yahoo haven’t lead to Verizon backing out of its intention to purchase the long-standing internet firm. However it won’t be maintaining the brand after the buyout, renaming what remains after downsizing, to Altaba. Verizon originally announced an interest to buy up Yahoo …

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Amazon has best weekend ever for selling its own devices


The last week has been very kind to Amazon, with its bevy of sales helping it make tens of millions at discounted retail, but it also showed that some of the most popular products were Amazon’s own. Alexa equipped devices were some of the hottest sellers and Amazon managed to …

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Would you pay someone to play Pokémon Go for you?


Pokémon Go is a game that has taken much of the world by storm in the past two weeks, sending people of all ages scrambling for local landmarks to try and catch their favourite pocket monsters. But what if you can’t, or won’t and still want to be the ‘be …

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Overclockers UK is having a sale on the GTX 980Ti

If you are shopping around for a new graphics card this weekend or more specifically, if you are shopping around for a GTX 980Ti, then Overclockers UK has a pretty good deal running for the next couple of days. They are having a sale on the reference OCUK GTX980Ti, bringing …

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