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Nvidia’s self-driving car will hit public roads soon


Giant tech firms have been working on self-driving cars for quite some time now and while we have already seen the likes of Google and Tesla hit the public testing stage, others are starting to join the fun, including Nvidia which was just granted permission to begin testing self-driving cars …

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Google’s self-driving cars may be coming to London

Google has been testing its self-driving cars on public roads in California for quite some time and while the company does seem to be focussed on the US right now, things may soon spread to other countries, including the UK. According to London's deputy mayor for transport, Google is currently in …

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Google’s self-driving car has had some issues

Google's self-driving car technology is impressive and has been interesting to follow but it has had its fair share of problems according to Google's latest report. Between November 2014 and September 2015, Google's self-driving car experienced a total of 272 technical failures and was almost involved in 13 accidents. According …

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Google doesn’t want to become a car manufacturer

Google has been working on its own self-driving car for quite some time now. In-fact, the vehicles recently made it out in to the public for testing. However, despite all of this effort that the company is putting in to its own self-driving car, Google doesn't actually want to make …

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