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British MPs critical of new Investigatory Powers Bill

Despite David Cameron and Theresa May calling for a better insight into the websites we visit with the potentially fast tracked Investigatory Powers Bill, a committee of politicians has warned that it lacks clarity, not defining key points. It warned that if the tech-firms that must be complicit in the …

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High Court rules Snooper’s Charter unlawful

Theresa May will need to go back to the drawing board is she wants to try and force through the controversial Communications Draft Bill, otherwise known as the Snooper's Charter, as a High Court judge has ruled it unlawful in its current guise. The piece of legislation was said to …

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UK public bodies leaked confidential information 150+ times

Striking another blow against the idea that if you have nothing to hide, you have nothing to fear from government surveillance this week, is the news that public bodies including the NHS, government departments, police and local councils, have leaked data unsuspectingly over 150 times in the past six years. …

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Parliament rushes through snooping laws after EU rights ruling

The British government is rushing through a new set of laws to allow intelligence agencies like GCHQ and ISPs, to continue legally collecting meta-data on phone calls and digital communications, and in some cases the content of those conversations, in the wake of the EU ruling data retention as a human rights …

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