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SpaceX will fly two anonymous tourists around the moon

SpaceX has planned a launch at some point in 2018 that will see it fly two tourists out of Earth's atmosphere and around the moon before returning home. This would be the furthest tourists have ever been in space and would be the first time any human has travelled beyond …

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Next SpaceX launch to expand ISS with inflatable habitat

One of the biggest problems with getting anything into space is the costs involved in hauling every kilo up and out of the atmosphere. If every kilogram costs around £3,000 to get into orbit, imagine the costs involved in taking up the entire International Space Station over the years. One …

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NASA to go all American with its ISS crew flights by 2017

Space is becoming a far more commercial venture these days, with the likes of SpaceX, Boeing and Virgin Galactic all developing new, more efficient and cheaper ways to take people and cargo into orbit. However it's also been more commercial for NASA over the past few years, as since the …

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SpaceX plans to land a rocket on a drone ship, tomorrow


If you are a fan of potential failure and large explosions then tomorrow could be a good day for you! SpaceX, the US rocket company owned by Elon Musk, is planning to land one of its Falcon 9 rockets on a sea-based floating platform known as the “autonomous spaceport drone ship”. …

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Privatisation of space is a success claims SpaceX

One of the more fascinating mornings was had by the KitGuru team today, as we hunkered down around live-feed HD screens to watch/listen/experience the wonder of privatised space flight, with the launch of the Dragon C2+ space craft in the direction of the International Space Station. KitGuru dons an orange …

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