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Labour calls for government data-reveal before spying bill vote

The Investigatory Powers Bill is being rushed to a parliamentary debate/vote in January following the recent attacks in Paris, because the government believes internet history logs can prevent terrorism. However the Labour party may stall the bill’s progression, as it’s demanding the government reveal information on the Shrewsbury 24 as …

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U.S. and EU near agreement on data sharing

Since the Edward Snowden revelations about the NSA, GCHQ and international data gathering and sharing came out in 2013, the world has been trying to figure out the right balance between privacy and security. To that end, the European Commission has been in talks with U.S. representatives to renegotiate “safe …

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Twitter to collect data on all your phone apps

As the world’s second most well known and talked about social network, you would think Twitteer would have had the same storied history of privacy concerns that Facebook has. Traditionally however, it’s not monetised its service quite as much as others, so has left the personal lives of its users more …

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NZ spies clam up over foreign funding

New Zealands intelligence agencies, the GCSB and SIS, were asked recently whether they received funding from overseas countries like the UK, USA, Australia or Canada and instead of outright denying, or quietly confirming, they decided to say nothing, in effect, refusing to answer questions from MPs about their actions. To …

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