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Handheld Steam Machine Kickstarter to return

Back in 2014, the Steam Boy was revealed and was set to be the first handheld Steam Machine, allowing PC gamers to play some of their games on the go or stream more demanding titles from a desktop. Then last year, the project was renamed the ‘Smach Z’ and put …

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Portable Steam Machine Kickstarter cancelled

Earlier this year, plenty of people got excited about the Steamboy, the first handheld portable Steam Machine, which would be capable of both running some titles natively and streaming games from a more powerful gaming PC. Things picked up a bit more this month, as the portable Steam Machine had …

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Steamboy project aims to release a handheld Steam Machine

The Steam Machine initiative is all about making PC gaming more accessible on smaller screens, smaller devices and lesser hardware. The Steamboy project is combining all of these elements by creating a handheld Steam Machine, which would be perfect for in-home streaming. Final specifications are being kept under wraps for …

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