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Apple’s TV service was suspended due to clashing networks

This week, reports began circulating, claiming that Apple has officially suspended its Internet TV service, though we didn't have many details at the time. Now, some more information has come to light as just as you would expect, Apple was unable to get networks to agree on pricing, or channel …

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$4 million laser razor Kickstarter suspended

A crowd funding campaign to create a futuristic razor that uses a laser to cut hair, rather than traditional blades. The campaign had raised just over $4 million on Kickstarter over the last couple of weeks but the campaign was suddenly suspended after the company behind it also put the …

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Anonymous takes down hundreds of ISIS social media accounts

The hacktivist movement Anonymous has made good on its promises to target those associated with the violent extremist organisation, ISIS, by taking over and knocking out hundreds of websites and social media accounts that help promote the organisation and encourage recruitment from new members. Apparently though, this is just the …

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Areal Kickstarter suspended, new campaign launched

The Kickstarter for West Games' Areal is a project that's seemed a bit fishy from the start. It featured grandiose claims of a true STALKER sequel, despite a miniscule budget/threshold, faked assets and Unity stock models in demos, strangely frequent comments that drown out complainers and even the claim that …

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Oculus Rift sales suspended due to component shortage

More than 50,000 Oculus Rift development kits have been sold but the company is currently unable to create more thanks to a shortage in the components that the Rift uses, an Oculus VR Community Manager has confirmed on the company's Sub Reddit. Community Manager, Andres Hernandez, wrote: “Certain components used in …

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Nintendo has suspended the Swapnote service

Nintendo has decided to suspend the Swapnote service after receiving regular evidence that the 3DS feature was being used to exchange offensive material. The Swapnote and Special notes services were suspended at 7:00 PM EST on the 31st of October so over here in the UK you would've found that …

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