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PCSpecialist rolls out new racing simulators

Over the years, hardware makers have been trying to come up with new ways to make gaming more immersive. Emerging technologies like Virtual Reality show promise, but for racing game fans, nothing quite beats a full racing simulator setup. The folks at PCSpecialist have teamed up with Milltek to produce …

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BT and Openreach are being legally separated

Over the years, BT has often come under fire for its operation of Openreach, the backbone of the UK’s internet infrastructure. Upgrades to the lines have been slow and other ISPs who rely on OpenReach have also accused BT of providing a poor service. Now, after a lengthy regulatory battle, …

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Snapchat to move headquarters to London


In a surprising move for an encrypted chat service considering the UK’s stance on surveillance, Snapchat has announced its intention to open a new international headquarters to London. This is also practically unheard of in the tech space, with most companies preferring tax-routing countries like Ireland to host their services in …

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13 streaming sites targeted in UK ISP blocks


The UK government’s forced ISP-level piracy site blocks are still floating around and it seems that the list of banned sites is still growing as today an additional 13 streaming sites were added to the growing list. This means those using the likes of Virgin Media, BT, Sky, EE, TalkTalk …

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EE wants total UK 4G coverage by 2020

EE was the first network in the UK to begin rolling out 4G connectivity to its customers and over the next few years, it hopes to ensure total coverage across the country. Over the next three and a half years, EE, the UK’s largest network, will be expanding its 4G …

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Edward Snowden lambasts Cameron for sudden privacy u-turn

Although he might have tried to brush it aside as merely a “private matter,” British Prime Minister, David Cameron’s involvement in the Panama Papers leak seems unlikely to go away quickly. Adding fuel to the fire is ostracised whistle blower, Edward Snowden, who has now started poking the PM over …

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