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AMD’s lowest-cost eight-core FX processor costs just $125/£79/€99

About a month ago Advanced Micro Devices unveiled several new FX-series eight-core microprocessors that featured either increased performance, or lower power consumption compared to previously released chips. Apparently, since then the company has also quietly rolled-out a new affordable eight-core chip that costs $125 now in the U.S. The AMD …

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AMD announces three new FX microprocessors, slashes prices

Advanced Micro Devices on Tuesday introduced three new AMD FX microprocessors for enthusiasts and slashed prices of existing high-end products. The move will make the FX-series chips slightly more competitive than they are today, but will hardly radically improve AMD’s positions on the market of central processing units. Three new …

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AMD FX-8370 nearly breaks world’s clock-rate record at 8.7GHz

The Stilt, a famous Finnish overclocker, has managed to boost clock-rate of the yet-unreleased AMD FX-8370 microprocessor to whopping 8722MHz, which is just 72MHz lower than the world’s record CPU frequency. To overclock his eight-core FX-8370 chip to 8.72GHz, The Stilt had to increase the core voltage to 2.064V and …

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AMD to please overclockers with new FX, Athlon X4 chips next month

Advanced Micro Devices plans to introduce four new microprocessors designed for enthusiasts and overclockers on the first of September. Three new AMD FX and one new Athlon X4 central processing units will address PC enthusiasts with different budgets, but will not necessarily offer unbeatable performance. Next month AMD plans to …

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AMD readies new FX processor with bundled liquid-cooling

Advanced Micro Devices plans to release another FX-series desktop microprocessor that will come bundled with closed-loop liquid cooling system, the firm said this week. The company did not unveil any details about the upcoming chip, but demonstrated its packaging and said that it will be available soon. Roy Taylor, vice …

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Rory Read orders FX parts refresh for AMD in October

Given that they are up against Intel, with the Tick-Tock processor delivery schedule and more FABs than McDonald's got buns – you have to give AMD credit for trying. AMD's CEO has ordered the launch of a faster range of FX processors before Halloween's night is out. Is it trick …

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