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iOS 8 could feature a revamped Siri

The dates for this year’s WWDC were just announced and we’ve already got an idea of what we could expect to see at the event. Apple recently acquired Novauris, a research firm previously owned by Dragon Systems, which is well known for for its voice dictation technology. Apple did comment on …

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Microsoft shows off Kinect navigation in new video

If you’ve been wondering how the Xbox One will be navigable via the Kinect, it’s exactly as unnecessary looking as you’d expect, with actions that at best seem to cut out one menu button and replace it with a sentence that always starts with “Xbox,” which will no doubt go …

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Microsoft translation tool is near instantaneous

Microsoft has been working on a translation tool that’s designed to work similarly to the human brain, offering near instantaneous translations while preserving the cadence and tone of the speaker. This would be a big leap over currently available translation tools which are often inaccurate, slow and don’t relate how …

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