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White House refuses to back anti-encryption legislation

The Obama administration will not be backing legislation that would allow judges to force companies like Apple to weaken the security of their hardware and software in order to facilitate snooping. While President Obama's personal opinion seems to still be in favour of this sort of bill, clearly there is …

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Hillary Clinton’s emails are now searchable by all

For someone who has been quite vocal about wanting the U.S. to have the ability to break encryption, democratic presidential hopeful, Hillary Clinton, made quite an effort to hide her work-related emails on a private server. That server has now been opened up though, and as the State department wades …

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White house officially denies Edward Snowden pardon

One of the more exciting, burgeoning aspects of modern democracy, is the fact that people can organise far easier than ever before. That's why when Edward Snowden fled to China and eventually Russia in 2013, releasing documents on government spying that embarrassed and incriminated many agencies around the world, more …

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Obama signs order to protect America’s computer networks


In a move to help protect American online businesses and help them coordinate with US authorities, Obama has signed an executive order that will make federal agencies set up a way of sharing data between technicians in these businesses and federal agents. This information sharing will go both ways, with companies tipping …

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The White House isn’t all that drone proof it seems

White House DJI

Last Monday a small civilian drone crashed into the grounds of the White House, causing quite a stir over exactly how secure the White House actually is against drone attacks. It has now been revealed that the drone in question, a DJI Phantom quadrocopter, was actually being flown by an …

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