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ThunderX3 ‘Hex RGB’ Gaming Desks Showcased!

While the focus at sister-brand Aerocool is on RGB illumination and a PC desk in which you can build a complete system, ThunderX3 is all about supporting hardcore/pro-level gamers. It's new desk configurations are still going through the final design process, but we managed to catch up with their Product Guru Dean Shaw for a run through of what we can expect to start hitting the stores in the second quarter of this year.

The theme for the new ThunderX3 range of gaming furniture is ‘Hex RGB’. This is a magnetic RGB light module that can be attached to multiple items around the house – should you be so inclined. The line up includes chairs, desks, couches and beam bags.

There are 2 new models (AD3 and AD5) – each of which is available in 2 sizes. The AD5 has had lift while the AD3 is a fixed frame. At night, the AD5 also looks cooler with its integrated RGB lighting. All models feature a matte, carbon style pattern – suitable for most mice – which effectively gives you a full sized gaming surface.



Monitor Arms/Stands
Easy to attach and use, the ThunderX3 desks can be fitted with optional monitor stands, arms and LED lighting strips.



USB hubs are also available – including an integrated power socket for your chargers etc.

Gaming Couches
Big, comfortable and affordable – with prices for the high armed unit expected to be around £275 and £245 for a more ‘open arm’ design. These are quite similar to the Aerocool lounge furniture products that we saw last time around.

Bean Bags
There is a smaller ‘sit on it’ version for £99 and the larger ‘sink in to it’ closer to £149. We absolutely adored the ‘Sink in to it' version, but be warned that it can take a bit of huff-n-puff to get out. Have snacks and liquids available – just in case.

We asked about colour variations and were told that, having experimented with white, green and other options – the most popular colour was black. Gamers are such a surprising bunch!  There are RGB options available in case you want a splash of colour in your life.

KitGuru Says: Integrating plug systems, monitor arms and gaming surfaces is a smart move. From what we could tell, build quality will be decent. The only variable now is cost: Can ThunderX3 price its new gaming furniture range for success?

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