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KitGuru snags photos of AMD Radeon RX Vega graphics card

AMD has given KitGuru access to a Radeon RX Vega graphics card to photograph (but not to use, benchmark or otherwise enjoy – yet).

The annual SIGGRAPH tech show starts tomorrow in Los Angeles, California and AMD has laid out a Radeon RX Vega graphics card for us to photograph. The keen eyed among you will note the full model code would include a number, however we cannot report that number at this time.

Once AMD has delivered from their Capsaicin event at SIGGRAPH we will be able to share all sorts of goodies including the retail price.

In the meantime you will note this AMD Radeon RX Vega is a full length PCI Express graphics card with an aluminium shroud, air cooler and dual 8-pin power connectors. Any other observations you may make are entirely your own.

KitGuru says: The waiting is nearly over. RX Vega is imminent and we are keen as mustard to see how it performs (and whether or not it takes the fight to Nvidia.)

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  • chris

    Going by all the rumors especially given power usage and the top end of the Vega cards it’s not a threat to Nvidia

  • writermies

    hmm…,we all know 99% sharp amd vega performance,its nothing new.
    vega battle against nvidia over year old gpu’s , we seen against it putt gtx 1070 (not evenplusversion) and little bit gtx 1080 (not plus versions)

    but amd loose both,at least gtx 1080 series.

    i think its little funny that ppl and meadia keep high and deep issue that IS IT VEGA win gtx 1070/1080?

    i mean amd vega is brand new amd’s flagship gpu what release..or not release even yet….

    even shorter…. if we took that amd vega battle against nvida example gtx 1070 gpu,its tell all about what kind amd vega is.its lausy.

    also it effiency is really bad than it competitors,much lausier and its need also water for cooling,at least most higher oc’d versions. its negative these days.

    so, story is : amd plan,build and release now them FLAGSHIP gpu TODAY end of july, i called it it 8/2017 ..must be joke from amd..

    amd anyway commercial it few month a go (3month?) and hypeting that it will be big and best gpu,and fastest………. huh!..

    ..sooo its should compare only nvidia gtx 1080 ti…but looks gtx 1070+ is enogh to beat it…. hmm for honest gtx 1070 win it easy,bcoz its take 100% less power than amd vega.

    summarum..: i cant see, that any respect hardware site can give amd vega ‘editor choice’, ‘recomnde buy’ or even ‘good buy’ rewadrs, bcoz its so bad effiency, bcoz its dollar/fps and TDP/fps
    are so poor.

    gtx 1070 oc 185w
    amd vega >400w

    no, its not excepted that bad and lausy gpu… shame amd, how you dare offer that for ppl!,these day.s

  • John Smith

    Hey congrats morons for taking a photo. Anyone who cares has already seen this 100 times, stop spamming the net with your clickbait garbage.

  • Rev. Clint

    So should only one site take pics?

  • shakum

    You’re missing the point and getting emotional over something that won’t even affect your life. And it’s probably not like you have a million dollars invested in AMD. If you’re a gamer and nothing else, then perhaps Nvidia is a better choice for you…that’s great. But if you want to save a few hundred dollars and don’t mind a a bit less gaming performance but prefer a higher overall compute performance then Vega is for you. If you’re a Data Center, then Vega is a better choice for you. If provide a cloud-based virtualized GPU service (VDI or virtual gaming consoles etc) then Vega is for you. If you’re a developer rendering large workloads Vega is better choice. If you’re developing an APU or SoC (Raven Ridge) that needs a GPU with infinity-fabric and HSA to capture market-share and make mobile devices higher-performance and lower cost then Vega is a darn perfect architecture.

    You’re making a big deal over the few sacrifices Vega had to make in order to solve a much bigger problem. I believe the TSMC 16nm node is also more efficient than the Samsung 14nm node so it can be clocked higher and consume less power, but samsung has much better yield which in turn affects price. I see this as a fair trade-off.

  • Steven Morrison

    John, seriously man, you need to chill. You keyed in kitguru.net and landed on this server. They can post whatever they want here. Control your emotions, linus is fine, he wasnt killed and kitguru didnt attack him, they wrote a story on how other press arent happy with being flown around the world adhering to an nda on AMD hardware linus was allowed to show at an event – you either care or you dont. Relax. Everything will roll on as before and no one got killed. 1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8-9-10, deep breaths. *pats shoulder* move on. Thanks.

  • Steven Morrison

    I think if they get gtx1080 performance at a good price it will sell ok. Depends on a few factors.

  • Steven Morrison

    I think its all about the price point. Nvidia arent cheap. If the performance is good enough of course.

  • topdown

    I hadn’t seen it yet and these pictures are more detailed. All I’ve seen elsewhere is 2D, flat images. So, calm down, have a bread stick.

  • John

    Its not a bad looking reference card, but you just know that cooler is going to be loud. I hope Sapphire/Asus et all will have custom cards – sooner rather than later – the card is late enough to the game as it is.