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ASUS enter VR market with Mixed Reality headset

It seems that while HTC and Oculus are going through a rough patch, ASUS is finally stepping up its efforts in the VR department, after it was teased that the company would eventually enter the market last year. The new ASUS Windows Mixed Reality Headset does away with external sensors by utilising inside-out tracking, making the need for complicated setups a thing of the past.

The headset features a beautiful 3D polygonal design, with comfort at the forefront, keeping it lightweight with under 400g. Instead of sensors, the ASUS headset uses two built-in cameras as well as LEDs on the provided motion controllers. Not only does ASUS assure that this makes for a simpler, 10-minute setup, but it makes it more portable and less likely to cause fatigue from prolonged use.

Adding to its comfort value, the ASUS headset features antibacterial cushioning and a balanced-crown design that helps reduce pressure on the nose and face for true immersion. The visor can be flipped up in a quick and easy manner for when the user wants to return to reality.

Other specifications are similar to other headsets on the market, housing a 1,440 x 1,440 resolution in each eyepiece and a 90Hz refresh rate.


There is currently no word on when the headset will be released, however pricing is much cheaper than Oculus and Vive, coming in at £415/$535/€449. Unfortunately, this might just be undermined by Dell’s similarly specced Dell Visor coming in at $499 with controllers.

KitGuru Says: The ASUS Windows Mixed Reality Headset is certainly the most attractive of the VR sets I’ve seen so far, but I would prefer to see it in action before jumping in. It’s also worth noting that support is what makes these headsets worth it, so choose wisely when purchasing such expensive equipment. Do you have experience with VR? What is your favourite headset out there?

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