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Rock Jaw Audio Resonate earbuds review

The Rock Jaw Audio Resonate ear buds themselves are rather diminutive without a cable attached. They have a glossy black paint job and come with a pair of silicon tips pre-attached.

The little extensions on the side are where the audio cable attaches. It needs to be clipped in before use. I found it a little tight and hard to remove during my early testing – see ‘Testing’ page for a full break down of why.

One of the more interesting features about the Resonates – and most Rock Jaw Audio earphones – is that they come bundled with alternative tuners. This gives buyers a way to manually adjust the sound via hardware, rather than just tweaking EQ settings. In this case, we have three options: Fusion, Emotion and Energy, which should amplify different parts of the mix, offering a personable sound to the user.

They are attached and detached through a screw mechanism, which although a little fiddly – especially for anyone with big fingers – can be swapped out easily.

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