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CES 2019: MSI unleashes new laptop lineup with Nvidia RTX graphics

The first day of CES was dominated by Nvidia, with news of the RTX 2060, G-Sync updates and RTX for laptops all coming out at once. We'll be hearing more about RTX laptops over the course of this week, as gaming laptop makers continue to announce their upgraded portfolio. Today, we have MSI announcing its new 2019 lineup, headed by the all new GS75 Stealth.

MSI's 2019 gaming laptop lineup is led by the GS75 Stealth, one of the world's first thin and light laptops to sport RTX 2080 Max-Q graphics. Aside from the incredibly powerful GPU at its core, this laptop also sports an 8th Gen Intel Core i7 processor, a 1080p/144Hz display and M.2 SSD storage, all wrapped up in a 18.95mm thin body. There will be a 15-inch and a 17-inch model available, with the former weighing in at 1.9kg and the latter weighing 2.25kg.

Aside from the Stealth, MSI's GT, GE and GL series of laptops are all getting the upgrade to RTX. CPU options will remain the same, with 8th Gen Core i7 CPUs available on some, and Core i9 available on the most expensive models. The GT75 and GT63 Titan laptops have thicker bodies, which paves the way for higher power CPUs and a switch to the desktop RTX 2080 variant, rather than the Max-Q design. So while the laptop itself will be bulkier than the Stealth, it will have more room for cooling and thus, higher clock speeds.

The GE75 and GE63 Raider laptops will also feature RTX 2080 GPUs and 144Hz/1080p displays. These two come much closer to the Stealth in size but are naturally a bit thicker and heavier. Still, you get a lot of good hardware crammed in, including M.2 SSDs and up to an 8th Gen Core i7 processor.

Finally, the GL73 and GL63 finish off the lineup. This pair comes with the same CPU options as the Raider series, but you'll be limited to an RTX 2060 in the GPU department and a 1080p/120Hz display rather than a 144Hz one. The good news is, that should make the GL series significantly cheaper than some of the other models, all while continuing to house speedy M.2 SSD storage and up to a Core i7 in a 33mm thick body.

We will hopefully have the chance to see these laptops in person as we do our rounds through the CES booths, so expect more to come.

KitGuru Says: RTX laptops are heading our way very quickly. Are any of you planning on picking up a new laptop this year? Will you be making the jump to an RTX version?

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