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FCC filing shows 32GB and 64GB versions of the Oculus Go headset are on the way

A few months ago, Facebook officially announced the Oculus Go, a brand new standalone virtual reality headset with all the necessary hardware built in. At the time, just one Oculus Go headset model was announced but according to a recent FCC filing, we might see a second one launch as well.

This particular headset is expected to be Oculus's the mainstream offering, bringing prices down and making VR more accessible by removing the need for an additional PC or smartphone. The FCC filing also gives us a brief look at the specs under the hood.

As the FCC filing shows, there are two Oculus Go headset models coming, which are identical in most aspects aside from storage. The first headset is model number MH-A32, which comes with 32GB of storage, while the second model ‘MH-A64' comes with 64GB of space.

The Oculus Go was announced at Oculus Connect back in October with a $199 price tag. We imagine that this will be the pricing for the base 32GB model, with the 64GB version costing a bit more. Both models will utilize the same processor/GPU, 3DOF tracking and a dedicated motion controller, so there won't be a performance differential between the two.

KitGuru Says: I'm looking forward to seeing what the Oculus Go is capable of and since the necessary FCC filings have now been made, it looks like we can expect a launch quite soon. Perhaps we'll see Oculus showing off the headset at CES next week.

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