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PlayStation Now will start streaming PS4 games to PC and consoles

It looks like Sony is updating the hardware it uses to run the PlayStation Now service as soon, you will be able to stream PS4 games too. Given that the service launched on PC last year, this also has the add-on effect of allowing PC-only gamers to get their hands on some PS4 games without needing to own the console.

PlayStation Now initially launched back in the early days of the PS4 as a cloud gaming solution to native backwards compatibility. Since then, the service has primarily been used to stream last-generation PlayStation 3 titles.

Sony confirmed plans to start streaming PS4 games through its cloud gaming subscription service over on the PlayStation blog. The new service will come into effect for everyone later this year. In the meantime though, those currently subscribed to PlayStation Now will want to keep an eye on their emails as private beta invites are being sent out.

If you happen to own both a PS4 and a PC, then cloud save support will allow you to switch platforms as much as you want without losing progress. We don't know how many PS4 games will be available at launch though, so there are still a few details up in the air.

KitGuru Says: In my limited experience with PlayStation Now, it has worked well. However, I do worry about image quality a bit when it comes to streaming full blown PS4 titles. Hopefully Sony's compression method doesn't distort the video too much as we often see with high-detailed games on YouTube these days. 

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