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1MORE Quad Driver E1010 IEM Review

The 1MORE Quad Driver E1010 ships in a relatively simple black box. In actual fact, the black cover you can see is just a sleeve, while the box itself is more of a brown colour. In any case, a large photo of one of the earbuds is visible on the front, with some product information positioned in the bottom right corner.

Once this outer sleeve has been removed, the box itself is revealed – this is much more plain, with just the 1MORE logo and ‘hear more’ slogan on the front.


Opening up the box reveals the earphones and all of the accessories packaged neatly in separate sections.

The included accessories are certainly plentiful, with a hard leather carry case, a small shirt clip, 3.5mm-to-6.35mm jack adapter and an aeroplane adapter complimenting the 9 different pairs of included ear tips (8 pairs come separately, the ninth pair is already attached to the earphones). Incidentally, the ear tips are labelled for size, which is a nice touch if you know which measurements suit your ears best. Three pairs are made of foam, while the rest are silicon.

Lastly, a few small pieces of documentation are also included – one quick start guide, one 1MORE product catalogue, and one small sticker of a teddy bear wearing headphones – because why not?!

All that’s left now is the Quad Driver itself. At a glance, the Quad Driver does not look too different from most other earphones on the market, but there are a few things worth touching on.

First of all, the earbuds themselves are made from aluminium which gives them quite a solid feel in the hand, and we will discuss build quality on the next page. In terms of the colour, 1MORE’s product photos give the impression that the Quad Driver is a dark, metallic grey. In person, you can quickly tell this is not the case – the earbuds are actually a much softer grey colour, and can even look like a deep shade of gold depending on how the light hits them. That’s not a criticism – I actually really like the look, but it is worth pointing out. There is also one small red strip towards the back of each earbud.

1MORE is also keen to emphasise the fact that each earbud has been angled at 45 degrees, supposedly to get the best fit. While I will talk about comfort and fit on the next page, this does mean the Quad Driver is designed to be worn with the cable positioned straight down (as above) – rather than being worn with the cable looping over your ear as per some other IEMs on the market.

Positioned on the right-hand earbud cable, we also find a small in-line controller. This is again made from aluminium, and features three buttons – when used with my Android Huawei P20 Pro, the top and bottom buttons were used for volume control, while the middle button was used for play/pause functionality when music was playing, or for answering any incoming calls.

Moving onto the cable and jack, the 3.5mm connector itself is a 4-pole TRRS connector. 1MORE has taken the decision to make it a right-angled connector, with more aluminium plating, for the sake of durability. Right-angled connectors can be a bit more of a nuisance when your phone is in your pocket, but in my personal experience, if a pair of earphones is going to fail it is usually at the 3.5mm jack area.

The cable itself is also worth touching on. It measures 1.25m long, and 1MORE has opted for what they claim to be a 99.99% oxygen-free copper wire. The core of the wire is even wrapped in a Kevlar fibre for increased durability, while the brown TPE tubing which holds the wiring has also been specifically chosen for its ability to dampen any vibrations which would detract from the listening experience.

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