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ASUS STRIX 7.1 headset review


The ASUS STRIX 7.1 packaging feels premium. It is made from high quality cardboard and features a nice mix of matt and glossy coatings. 

The box details some of the most important features of the headset, including the layout of the neodymium drivers hidden inside each ear cup. The front and subwoofer are listed as being 40mm in size, with a 30mm centre and 20mm rear and side. Details of the control hub are also listed, pointing out key functions.


The whole case opens up with a classy orange, cloth tag – this gives you a look at the headset itself. Removing the plastic cover lets you get at it, as well as the surprising number of accessories. 
Along with the manual and warranty booklet, there is a silicone microphone with some flex to it, letting you customise its shape to best suit your mouth.

What cables are supplied? You get a HDMI connector to audio splitter – to allow for multi-channel speakers to also connect to the audio hub and a USB to Split USB cable, for connecting directly to a PC.


The big inclusion however, is the Strix control hub, which measures about four inches across and comes equipped with two turn dials. The larger of the two controls the volume levels for each channel, as well as lighting, game type and a number of other options. What option it is controlling at any one time, is handled by the smaller dial at the front.

Something that might go unnoticed here too, is the built-in environmental microphone. See that small indentation in the top most claw as it hooks into the main area of the control pod? That is a small microphone that picks up on background noise and eliminates it from the audio you hear, helping to give you a better auditory experience.

Connector wise, the control hub has two HDMI ports for headset and speaker connection, and a USB port for hooking it up to your PC.

The underside has three large rubber pads to hold it in place on your desk.

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