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ASUS STRIX 7.1 headset review


The headset itself will be very familiar to anyone that read our review of the STRIX Pro gaming headset, as its styling is almost identical. The only really noticeable difference is how the ‘owls eyes' on the side look, as on the 7.1, you can clearly see the extra drivers behind the clear plastic.


Everything is of a similar quality, with chunky, oversized plastic that feels a little excessive when off and on your head … though you do get used it quite quickly.

While obviously personal taste, I do really like the orange rings in the clear earcups. It looks mean and even better than the whole thing is lit up in the dark (see later for pictures).


The ear cups themselves are made of with leather padded memory foam and have orange cotton covering the drivers themselves. It is all nicely contrasted with the black, matt frame and the slightly glossier earcup padding.


The headband is padded leather and features a really nice orange stitching along its edge. The STRIX logo can be seen written across the leather band, which is unattached to the plastic frame, so falls free when you are not wearing the headset.


The microphone port is bespoke (even though it has a simple 3.5mm connector inside it), so will not ever plug the wrong mic into this one. It is located on the left hand side, with no ability to alter its position.

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