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ASUS STRIX 7.1 headset review

Spacial positioning is very important for gamers. Knowing the exact location of other players can make the difference between winning and losing. Because of this many headset manufacturers add ‘virtual surround sound,' via their back-end software. This is not good enough for ASUS who went ahead and upgraded its already well received headset to a full, actual surround sound system.

Featuring five drivers in each headphone – the STRIX 7.1 offers true 360 degree sound capabilities. Wherever your enemy is, you will know where they are. Additionally it comes with its own powered control hub, a noise cancelling microphone and glowing orange earcups. 

The question is, is it worth the rather hefty price tag?

strix 71


  • True 7.1 surround sound: Lifelike, immersive audio with 10 neodymium magnets and volume controls for each channel.
  • Plug-and-play USB audio station: Works as a USB sound card with handy in-game audio controls.
  • Static and breathing lighting effects: Express your gaming style, even in the dark.
  • 90% environmental noise cancellation: Clear in-game communication.
  • Four game-audio spectrum profiles: Enjoy immersive audio fine-tuned for first-person shooter (FPS), racing, and action/role-playing games (RPG).
  • 110mm protein leather cushions: Highly breathable material is perfect for long gaming sessions.
  • Foldable ear cups: Travel-friendly design lets you game anywhere.

For those wondering how this headset stacks up against its fellow STRIX devices, here is a handy comparison chart:


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  1. But how does it compare to other surround headsets like the Roccat Kave 5.1 or the Razer Tiamat 7.1?

  2. i think it’t hard to compare the tiamat 7.1 with an USB headset, because alot depends on the sound-card used. i hope the mic is beter then the tiamat’s witch is not that great (sorry for bad English)

  3. When searching for a 7.1 headset for every person recomending the tiamat 7.1 there were 10 more saying no. seems it had some sound problems related to the drivers that was never fixed.

  4. I’ve tried the Strix 7.1 for 2 weeks and own the Roccat Kave 5.1. The Kave 5.1 has a louder volume but that’s it. The Strix 7.1 beats the crap out of the Kave. Sound Quality is way better, bass is better, lighter and way more comfortable, channel separation is miles better.

  5. HI, where can I buy the Strix 7.1, thanks.

  6. Hi, are they really worth the £169.99 price tag?

  7. To be honest, I prefer the setup I am using right now. Creative Sound Blaster Z with SBX Pro Virtual Surround at 100% and Samson SR850 Studio Monitor Headphones. £64+£32. But if you like the flexibility of having USB headphones and don’t mind the price, then the Astrix 7.1 are very good.

  8. are they better than the tiamat 7.1’s or the sennheiser g4me zero

  9. I’m sorry I bought this headset. I have them for about 7-8 months and the first problem I got was the mute button falling off. Next was the mic not working when plugging it into the headset. However when I plug it directly into the pc it works so there’s something wrong with the wires in the headset. Also, today the right ear piece randomly broke off so now it’s just loosely hanging from a cable. The sound quality is pretty good and the noise cancellation is amazing but I don’t recommend buyin.quite fast.

  10. dont trust this review. this headset is garbage. the sound quality is awful, they earcups do not fit properly, my ears were resting against the inside liner, they creak, and they are $200. DO NOT BUY!!

  11. Alexander Vander

    Sennheiser game one is the best….if not kingston cloud one or 2 but no the revolver….

  12. Alexander Vander

    Sennheiser game one is the best….if not kingston cloud one or 2 but no the revolver….

  13. i have the strix 2.0 and i love it, for me, 2.0 is surround