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Edifier e235 THX-Certified 2.1 Speaker Review

If package weight was directly proportional to audio quality, these 2.1 speakers would stand unparalleled. Most 2.1 speaker sets you will have encountered in high street computer stores will weigh a few kilos. Logitech’s Z533 is 6Kg. This set of Edifiers weigh more than 15Kg.


One thing we know to be true for quality manufacturers: The heavier the product, the more protection it will receive. The e235’s come in a double-box with large quad polystyrene foam grids, ready to take a courier’s hit to protect your purchase.


The external box looked like it had been in a fight when we received it, but the speakers were thankfully undamaged. Each of them wrapped in their own white cotton pouch complete with a pull tie. The only thing missing was some retail-ready packaging or sleeve – which might indicate that Edifier is not expecting to sell this product ‘off the shelf’ in local retail outlets.


The box also featured a smaller plastic casing for the user manual and cables, as well as a plastic pouch with an Edifier micro-fibre cloth for cleaning the glossy speakers.

The hand-held remote is a good size and weight with rubberised buttons that are easy enough to find. It would be more effective with a backlight, though. While small/slim/sleek has its design advantages, keeping it anywhere near your sofa is likely to result in a search when it inevitably slips between the cushions.


The satellites have a ¾” tweeter and 3 inch driver giving you 38 watts. The ‘thunk’ comes from the big, round subwoofer, which is equipped with a pair of 8” drivers and a 100 watt built-in amplifier.

We found the subwoofer and satellite units were paired straight out of the box. If you do lose the link for some reason, then the re-connection process is simple enough.

The tweeters on all the speakers are protected by a curved piece of metal. However, the 8” speakers on the sub-woofer are exposed, so you might want to consider physical factors before choosing the e235. Certainly a cat, dog or toddler in the house should make you think twice.

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