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Edifier e235 THX-Certified 2.1 Speaker Review

We tested the Edifier e235 speakers in a rectangular room approximately 6.5 meters by 5 meters, using a variety of music, films and games over a three-day period.

We used the optical connector. It also offers Digital Sound Processing, this works to make the audio more accurate. It has Dynamic Range Control which compresses an audio’s signal range by clipping really loud sounds and amplifying very quiet ones. 3D Sound Processing is another feature it contains which claims to add a three-dimensional area of sound – but if a 360 audio landscape is what you’re after, then you’d be advised to buy a set-up with many more speakers.


These tracks were chosen to push the speakers in different ways across the full spectrum of audio demands. We have included links to the videos for your reference, but were using quality streams like Tidal as the source for testing ourselves.

Yaeji – Drink I’m Sippin On
When tested using the 2.0 Edifier e25 Luna Eclipse speakers, this track totally failed to turn up to the party. With the addition of a solid 100w sub-woofer we got the full benefit of the pulsing bass underpinning the delicate female vocal.

Gary Moore – Out In The Fields
Again, the pure bass boost was a welcome addition to the clear, sharp guitars and cymbals.  Layer separation was also excellent.

EDX Festival Remix – Human
The original track has Christina Perri’s hauntingly clear vocals, but the dance remix packs a huge bass punch on most speaker systems (specifically the drop at 1:54). When we tested the e25s, we noticed that this track carried well between floors (something that we tested by accident during a coffee break), but this time the bass presence added a pleasing vibration through the house.

The Alicia Keys Empire State of Mind
A stunning reproduction. There’s no doubting the clarity of Edifier’s speaker solutions, but the bass element changes everything.

Massive Attack’s Teardrop
Fidelity finds force. Our last track provided the E235s with the chance to shine. Excellent reproduction with enough low-end harmonics to feed your soul.


Modern film and TV offers rich, complex audio – none more so than Star Trek Discovery. From moments of quiet introspection, to the richly detailed soundscape on the bridge and the full-on battle scenes, this show has it all. The Edifier speakers did a fine job of separating out the individual sounds and creating an immersive experience, apart from the battle scenes. We ran the Klingon attack from Way of the Warrior in Deep Space 9 and had the same situation.

One of the most popular series on Netflix, Mindhunter is set in the late 1970s – as FBI behavioural scientists started the process of understanding the complex emotions that drive serial killers. There are plenty of scenes that rely on the audio component to build tension. The powerful bass rumble from the e235s added a completely different dimension to this engaging drama.


We tested console titles like Destiny 2 to see how the speakers reacted in the ‘living room environment’. They are marketed as being the perfect solution for Xbox, PlayStation and Nintendo. The e235s provided an engaging experience and (at high volume) quite happily disturbed people in other rooms – and going about their business on other floors.

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