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Edifier e235 THX-Certified 2.1 Speaker Review

Offering 176 watts, the Edifier e235 speaker set pushes a lot of air around the room. The integrated DSP should prevent distortion at high volume and we had a pleasant experience with music, games and film.

Having tried the satellites with the sub-woofer, we’re tempted to go back to the original e25 speaker review and dock half a point or more. They were fine speakers, but when you add the 100w sub-woofer, everything changes.

There are 3 main modes to the speakers: THX, Music and 3D. The ‘forced separation’ in 3D mode is unlikely to appeal to many and we’re unconvinced by THX as a benefit with a 2.1 speaker set like this (apart from the fact that it makes for good tick-box marketing). Music mode should do for most people in most environments.

If you want to be assaulted by sound from every angle, then these are not for you. Similarly, if you like the delicate boost of a soundbar, then that’s your choice. If you’re looking for clarity and enough punch to knock most soundbars out completely, then the Edifier e235 is a good choice.

Then we come to the money.

While the e235 speaker set is attractive, clear and punchy – the £399 price tag gives it a similar problem to the e255. If you’re planning on putting the e235 set into your living room, then – at that price – you need to bear in mind that you can buy a Pioneer/Denon/Yamaha AV receiver and pair of speakers.  Sure, they might not look as clean but you’ll have more flexibility in the long run.

You can buy the e235 for £399.95 from Overclockers UK HERE.

KitGuru says: When it comes to 2.1 speaker sets, the Edifier e235 represents the high-water mark in terms of looks and performance. However, it also represents the high-water mark when it comes to price. Audio quality is great and the bass punch is solid – so it all comes down to looks and budget.

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Rating: 8.5.

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