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QNAP TS-877 (TS-877-1700-16G) 8-bay NAS Review

We tested the  TS-877 in a number of scenario's that it may face in the real world. The settings for these scenarios are as follows.

File Server
512MB file size, 16KB Block size
80% Read 20% Write 100% Random
I/O queue depth 128

Web Server
1GB file size, 16KB Block size
100% Read 0% Write 100% Random
I/O queue depth 64

1GB file size, 16KB Block size
70% Read 30% Write, 50% Random 50% Sequential
I/O depth 1

2GB file size, 4KB Block size
90% Read 10% Write, 90% Random, 10% Sequential
I/O depth 128

In the File Server workload test over a 1GbE connection, the TS-877 shows excellent consistency across all the arrays. Needless to say, the 10GbE performance is mightily impressive.

As with the File Server test, the 1GbE performance is very consistent across the arrays at 112GB/s. The RAID 5 performance in this test when using a 10GbE connection is stunning.

In the Workstation workload tests, the 10GbE connection has the edge but only just.

At 84.02MB/s the RAID 6 performance with a 1GbE connection is the slowest result in the Database workload. Run again using a 10GbE interface, the performance is bumped up some 41.94MB/s to 125.96MB/s, a 49.8% increase.

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