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Overclocking AMD Threadripper with LN2

AMD’s Threadripper is one of the most awaited hardware releases from AMD in the last decade. In regards to how many cores you get, and the retail price point – it looks to be setting a new value for money benchmark. You won’t have long to wait for our full analysis but for the time being – we watched it being overclocked with LN2!

They say, all you need is LN2 and a load of electricity. In fairness to the AMD guys they were overclocking all cores and didn’t resort to legacy Windows XP so this was a pretty solid effort at overclocking in a way that makes sense to regular mortals.

Get the hardware nicely cooled, feed in 1.6 Volts to the CPU (1.55V plus 50mV offset) and keep cranking up the speed. The only oddity is that PCI Express needs to be turned down from Gen 3 for maximum speed as it holds back the clock speed.

How did they do?

Running Threadripper 1950XC at 4.8GHz gives a Cinebench score of 3688. Cranking the cores to 5.18GHz raises the score to 4122.

These are phenomenal figures, and while we won’t be using LN2 in our own testing, what we are seeing at this point is certainly showing Threadripper in a very strong light. At the price points we heard earlier today (see HERE), these processors are going to be fantastic solutions for 3D rendering, video editing and other multi thread, heavy duty environments.

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