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Early PlayStation 5 APU details surface online

Over the last year or so, there have been plenty of rumours swirling about the next generation of consoles from both Sony and Microsoft. At this point, insiders have given us a rough idea of Microsoft's plans but we still know very little about the PlayStation 5. Over the weekend, that changed a bit, with some details on the PS5's specs making their way online.

According to TUM_APISAK, a chip leaker, the APU that will power the PS5 is codenamed ‘Gonzalo' and has the following product code attached to it: 2G16002CE8JA2_32/10/10_13E9. That string of numbers and letters looks meaningless at first but based on past product codes, some details can be drawn out.

For starters, we are going to be looking at eight CPU cores once again, although this time around it will be based on Zen+ or potentially Zen 2 architecture, which is a big improvement over Jaguar. In terms of speed, we seem to be looking at a 3.2GHz clock speed. Right now, the current estimation is that the GPU will also be clocked at 1GHz or over, which will be an improvement over the PS4 Pro's 900MHz GPU clock speed.

There is still a lot of guess work involved in determining how powerful the PS5 will be, for instance, we still don't know if the GPU will be based on AMD's upcoming Navi architecture- although that is the most likely outcome as the PS4 Pro is based on Polaris.

Currently, we are expecting to hear about the PlayStation 5 at some point in 2020, alongside two new Xbox consoles from Microsoft.

KitGuru Says: We seem to have a better idea of what the PS5 will be targeting spec-wise. We're still quite a way off from the expected launch though, so there is still plenty of time for plans to change, or for new leaks/rumours to surface.

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