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Twitch is reportedly limiting users with ad blockers to 480p

Since the creation of the modern internet, one of the main ways which websites have managed to monetise their content is through the inclusion of advertising. While this can take many different forms, some can be more egregious than others. This led to the creation of ad blocking software. While some websites have not taken action against these measures, Twitch now appears to be limiting streaming resolutions to 480p for those with an active ad blocker.

As reported by Reddit user ‘rslee1247,’ activating the popular uBlock Origin while watching Twitch streams limits the content viewed from a maximum of 1080p60 to just 480p. This action on Twitch’s part has since been corroborated by other users of the software, seemingly making this more than an odd glitch.

While other websites have introduced countermeasures for ad blockers – such as completely limiting access, or merely requesting that the site be whitelisted – the implementation by Twitch is a unique one.

Though the relationship between ads and ad blockers exists within a morally grey space, the live streaming website has received criticism in the past for its particular implementation of ads, most recently of which included the addition of mid-stream adverts.

Though users have already found a workaround for Twitch’s adblock countermeasure, it’ll be interesting to see whether the company officially announces its intentions with this ‘feature’, or whether they will roll it back.

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