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be quiet! SFX L 600W Power Supply review

The be quiet! SFX L is nicely finished without any colours to annoy the enthusiast audience building into a windowed case. Paintwork is reasonably deep and resistant to scratches and fingerprints. The Satin black paintwork should satisfy anyone.

It measures 130 mm x 63 mm x 125 mm.

The large 120mm fan is hidden behind the black metal grill, with a company logo in the center.

One side of the power supply is home to the modular bay – all clearly labelled. It is impossible to mess up the cabling as the connectors are all different sizes.

The other side has a power connector, power switch and honeycomb air panel.

The be quiet! SFX L 600W power supply can deliver 50A via the +12V rail and 22A from both 3.3V and 5V rails.

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  • Full cable management for build flexibility and convenient usage

  • Lee

    I rarely read temperature info on psu reviews. Thank you for that.

  • dyoexnocte

    Fluid bearing fan ? On their website it’s marked as sleeve bearing: