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Sony announce Bravia Smart Stick HDMI dongle

Sony have announced their new Android HDMI dongle for TV’s. The new Bravia Smart Stick providers users with access to the Google Play app store, Chrome Internet Browser and other Sony related applications. The device has a built in HDMI input and pass through function meaning that a set top …

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Omate TrueSmart hits $850,000 on Kickstarter

Many KickStarter campaigns crash and burn, but every so often one raises so much money that it easily surpasses the initial goal outline. A gadget company based in New York called Omate recently launched a Kickstarter campaign for their TrueSmart smartwatch. They claim the product is a ‘truly standalone’ device …

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41MP Nokia Lumia 1020 UK release date confirmed

Nokia Lumia followers will be happy to hear that the company have confirmed their release date in the United Kingdom. There has been much talk about the smartphone already, thanks in part to the 41 megapixel camera built into the product. The release date is set for September 25th, although …

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Army showcase mobile chemical weapons neutraliser

Syria have said they will accept the Russian plan to place their chemical weapons under their control but many people are obviously still concerned that the problem is not yet resolved. Earlier this year the US Department of Defense created a new system which could quickly move chemical weapons disposal …

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Lexar release four bay USB 3.0 card reader

Lexar have announced the new Professional Workflow HR1, a four bay USB 3.0 card reader hub designed for professional photographers. This new multi card reader has four different trays which can be individually removed for portability. The four trays are stacked vertically to save physical desk space. All four can …

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LG unveil 1080p G Pad 8.3 tablet

2013 has been a tough year for Apple, their market share continues to slide as they struggle to release killer new products to grab the attention of the mass market. LG have decided to capitalise on Apple’s inability to release an iPad Mini with retina screen. Their new G Pad …

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