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Resident Evil 8 rumoured to once again fully support VR

When Resident Evil 7 released in 2017, one of its standout features was the fact that the game would be playable in its entirety using PlayStation VR. Now, with leaks and rumours surrounding the series’ next mainline entry beginning to come to light, it would appear as though Capcom intends to continue its experimentation with forward-facing technologies, as PlayStation VR support is once again said to be included.

Last week we reported that Resident Evil 8 was rumoured to be releasing next year, with more information set to leak throughout April. Now Gematsu has added further fuel to the fire, claiming that indeed, the next mainline Resident Evil title is planned for a 2021 release date.

(Image source: BiohazardCast)

Reportedly, Resident Evil 8 will follow in the footsteps of 7, and not 2 and 3, meaning that the game will be played in a first-person perspective. This also allows for Capcom to continue its support of the PSVR. According to Gematsu, Resident Evil 8, like 7, will be fully playable using the VR headset. It is currently unknown whether this will once again be exclusive to Sony’s console, or if VR support will be expanded to include the plethora of PC peripherals.

After the disappointing reception of Resident Evil 6, RE7: Biohazard was seen as a welcome evolution to a series which had become stale over the course of its last few entries. It would seem as though Capcom was pleased with the reception of RE7, and is now intending to continue pushing the series in that direction.

For those who were hoping to see the series return to its third-person perspective roots, more remakes of classic titles are rumoured to be on the way, including a remake of the much-loved Resident Evil 4.

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